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Doula Services & Personal Training with The Movement Doula.

Kelsey Budge Doula and Personal Trainer

You deserve support the 2nd time around. Here's why I love working with 2nd time families as a doula and personal trainer...

*While I specialize in 2nd time parents, I absolutely work with first time families as well!

There is a vulnerability in childbearing that calls for a nurturing and loving support team who show up with positive energy and hold space for your birth to flow. Receive support from a professional who believes that your journey through pregnancy, birth and postpartum is truly a sacred experience.

My motherhood journey has transformed who I am. I have learned to trust my intuition, love more deeply, value support and become a version of me I never dreamed possible through an overhaul of lifestyle changes and self-exploration.

I understand it can be overwhelming to ask for support. Believe in yourself, trust your voice and value your needs. 

Guiding you through movement and mindset in pregnancy, birth, and your 40 days of recovery so you can honor your motherhood journey.

birth doula services
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Birth Doula & Postpartum Doula Services

Your birth and postpartum can be transformative. It was for me.

As a second-time mom, you will be asked to expand in so many ways. You have to hold space for a new birth journey, discover your identity again and teach sibling(s) their new role. As a birth doula and postpartum doula, I encourage you to explore your intentions for this birth, acknowledge your previous birth experience, create a 40 day postpartum plan, discuss sibling care, collaborate with meal preparation, assist with light household work, run errands, provide holistic resources and connect on an emotional level so you can give yourself permission to be present with your baby and celebrate your new family.

personal training
Photo by Beloved Birth Stories

Movement for Pregnancy and Postpartum

Honor your body.

My innovative approach to prenatal and postpartum movement combines play, release work and energetic practices to connect with your body's healing wisdom and discover your body's full expression of who you are. I will guide you through individualized movement sessions that encourage a healthy mindset, calm the nervous system and allow you to be more present in the moment. The sessions will reflect your goals with the intention to challenge you with new skills and prepare you for getting back to the activities you love. Babies and children are always welcomed during your sessions.

Virtual Connection


Already have your dream support team, but desire professional direction from a birth doula or postpartum doula? This package will give you flexibility, keep your cost low and still take into account your unique needs as we chat over the phone or video conference.

  • Four hours of virtual support by phone or zoom, booked when you need them.

Just Train


I want you to believe and feel good in your body again. It may never look the same, but you can come out stronger and more connected than ever. A few sessions can go a long way when the whole YOU is being cared for. My job is to return you to whatever movement lights you up.

  • Five 1 hour sessions for any stage of pregnancy and postpartum

Postpartum Preparation and Recovery


Juggling a newborn and another child is overwhelming and exhausting. When everything seems out of control, order in your home matters. Receive the care you need, your way. No judgement. No need to feel guilty about giving me tasks or feel the need to entertain me. Trust me when I say a pair of impartial helping hands was exactly what my second postpartum called for. We will devise a plan prenatally so you have space to become the parents you want to be.

  • One 90 minute prenatal visit
  • Five 3 hour postpartum home visits

The Experience


Have peace of mind with continuity of care. Fostering a deep connection with your family is important to me, which is why I tend to remain friends with my clients long after they give birth. With this package we will spend at least 25 hours together, plus birth time. I take very limited clients with this package so you receive the quality of care you deserve.

  • Two 1 hour prenatal personal training sessions
  • Two 90 minute prenatal home visits
  • Attendance at birth
  • Five 3 hour postpartum home visits
  • Two 1 hour postnatal personal training sessions


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  • 3 Time to enjoy the journey!
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