Valuing Rest Postpartum

I get you and I see you. I see you, to the mama who does not want to rest postpartum and hate the fact that you’re supposed to lay in bed, not go downstairs, not cook, not clean, not go anywhere for weeks. I see you. It is so hard to give yourself the permission…

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Vaginal Steaming for Postpartum Healing

vaginal steaming

Inhale the sweet smell of the herbs, bringing you into the present moment. Feel the warmth of the steam go straight to your core, healing you physically and rejuvenating you emotionally. You savor this time each night. A moment of peace. A time of reflection. Vaginal steaming what you need to ease your tired body…

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Patience in This Season Of Life

patience postpartum healing

Patience with my body as it heals. Patience with my husband when he does not live up to my expectations. Patience with my daughter as her tantrums increase in frequency, duration and intensity. Patience with breastfeeding. Patience with the time it takes to get everyone ready to leave the house. Patience with trying to clean…

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Life As A Mother of Two

having another baby

The Fourth Trimester is coming to a close. Wow! Time goes by a lot faster when the Fourth Trimester involves a toddler… Life as a mother of two has been filled with dichotomies. So sweet, yet so exhausting. It has been so much easier than I expected, but so much more difficult in unforeseen ways.…

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