Darkness to Light: Poem of a Healing Journey

Breath holding. Heart pounding. Anxious for nothing. Body on alert. Mind goes to scary places. Hyper vigilant for nothing. Car accident. Arrested. Shamed. Waiting for something to happen. But nothing ever does. I don’t know who I am. So many limiting beliefs. No where to turn. Always in the past. Missing the present moment. Nothing…

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Dear Vodka,


Dear Vodka, Why her? Why did you have to take her from me? I know full well you will never give me an answer. These are the questions I have to live with because of your trickery. You tricked her in to believing you could solve her problems. You promised to help numb her self-doubt…

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ACoA Community Impact

Why Me? Who am I to bring together a new family in the ACoA community? I have asked myself this many times because I am still fresh in my journey of healing. I just came out of my denial that alcoholism has had an impact on me a year and a half ago. Yet, I…

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