Dear Vodka,

Dear Vodka,

Why her? Why did you have to take her from me? I know full well you will never give me an answer. These are the questions I have to live with because of your trickery. You tricked her in to believing you could solve her problems. You promised to help numb her self-doubt when you intended to pour in to her wounds. You spoke louder than the love that was waiting to be received by her. Your warmth turned her willpower into ice. You took advantage of her vulnerability and you should be ashamed of yourself.

Your prey extends beyond the person you craftily stalked. Family and friends get to watch as you consume our loved one’s soul until just a shell remains. It seems impossible to fight you; leaving everyone feeling powerless. In response to the pain of not feeling good enough to tear her apart from you, her army’s hearts hardened toward her instead. You preyed on us too and have brought us down with her.

Broken promise after broken promise. Heart after heart shattered. When will you stop your destruction? If I leave it up to you, you will never stop. But, guess what? I see you clearly. Despite your strength, I have emerged stronger. I will not allow you to harden my heart and hide my own soul anymore. You are no longer invited to prey on my family.

Your time is up. May every heart see who you really are. My voice is being shouted loud and clear for the children of your prey to take a stand for their own lives, so families don’t have to live in your wake for eternity. My voice does not exist in solitude. Hardened hearts are being called to soften. Fooled minds are filling with clarity. One by one we will strip you of your power. Together.

No longer yours,


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Hello, I'm Kelsey Budge, The Movement Doula. I support families that want to change their childbearing journey their second time around, with an emphasis on movement, mindset and recovery. I believe you can fully enjoy this journey when you can focus on what matters most.

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