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Like most people would agree, 2020 has been quite a year. I was doing so well following my blog post schedule every other Sunday until COVID hit. Then I lost inspiration to create posts for, well, almost six months. The move cross country was a hiccup, but the true reason lies behind feeling a sense of loss of freedom just as I was ready to emerge from my postpartum cocoon. I was a few days away from being able to work out on my own again or use the gym daycare just to unwind. I was going back to work my very part time job that filled me up. I couldn’t see my client I had been making so much progress with. The birth world simultaneously became very unpredictable. After a pregnancy full of great loss in 2019, I needed to hit pause and create space for harmony again. I was burnt out of having my world turned upside down. I was allowing my circumstances to own my mind, creating mundane daily living.

Recently, I learned this phrase from Persia Lawson:

“Focus on the inner and the outer will take care of itself.”

Unpause. Create harmony.

Law of Attraction and Balance

Life can throw us as many curve balls as it wants. Considering all of the negative energy the developed nations put into the world, many more curve balls are probably on their way. When we live in a society that operates on fear-based principles, the world gives us many opportunities to reinforce that we need to fear pretty much everything. Or that we are victim to our circumstances. Like attracts like. That also means if we can find a way back to our center, we will attract peace. Little did I know how much that knowledge nugget we learn in elementary school actually impacts everything on this planet. I would say the law of attraction is my 2020 theme and I feel like I’m finally breaking through on the side of peace.

Peace comes when life is harmonious. No one thing is dominating life and there is a flow state. I’ve had many flow states in my life, the most recent was summer 2018-April 2019. Since my mom got sick, I have had a very hard time finding my way back to balance. Yet simultaneously, I am understanding my story more every day and have developed sense of my life’s direction. I believe my journey has been too overpowering because I want the deep sense of knowing so badly that I have allowed it to take over other aspects of my life. Strange dynamic. Priorities and scheduling are other things I have been trying to establish as habits…I think these are the keys for finding my balance.


I was reminded again last night during the Rumble & Rise coaching call that I get to decide what meaning I place on the world, what meaning a remark has, what a tantrum means, what my body means. There are the neutral facts that anyone can agree on and then as a meaning-seeking species, humans tend to assign meaning behind the facts. I must admit that I am the queen of assumptions, especially in my marriage. Asking for clarification before I assign my own made-up meaning and go into a spiral that only hurts me is something I have been working on because most of the time, I create a big problem for no reason. Our brain loves meaning and with a pause for some good old-fashioned nervous system regulation, we can usually find the answer we’re looking for.

Practical Implementation

Whenever you feel quick to react or stuck, PAUSE. Let your body feel what comes up. Think “Huh, that’s interesting. When ______ happens, I feel _______.” Guess what? When you live consciously, you can learn every day! Then, take note if you’re hungry, thirsty or tired because your brain won’t prioritize higher thought if you are any of those things. Now, the power comes after you’ve noticed how you want to react to your circumstance. Think, “I am in control of how I think and what meaning I place on my life, regardless of my circumstances.”

All this to say (I may have gone all over the place, but I just had to put something out into the world), I am thankful that my pause reignited my creativity. As a personal trainer, we create workouts and considering how much thought I put in to my work, I need to feel that flow, otherwise, I just stare at my paper. Focusing on me, instead of allowing my environment to dominate my life, has brought about a better harmony. I don’t feel like I have to fight my way through life so often, draining my energy and making me irritable. When we control our thinking, meaning and put out our positive energy into the world, we may start attracting what we really need in life. This has been my experience and while it is a lifetime of work, it will bring me closer to fully experience life in presence and awareness. I’d say this is my life goal for myself, my family and friends and my clients (who tend to become close friends!).

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Hello, I'm Kelsey Budge, The Movement Doula. I support families that want to change their childbearing journey their second time around, with an emphasis on movement, mindset and recovery. I believe you can fully enjoy this journey when you can focus on what matters most.

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