Creating Space for Baby…and You During Pregnancy and Birth

It can be overwhelming to think about how you are going to bring your child Earthside. The unpredictable nature of labor and birth can be intimidating because as humans, we like to have control. But what if there is something you can do to prepare your body and allow baby’s journey into this world to be smooth? Creating space could be your answer.

How I Created Space

Chiropractic care. Massage. Acupuncture. Physical therapy. Pelvic floor release. Rebozo sifting. Corrective exercise. Diving head first in to my confusing upbringing. Fear clearing. Prioritizing what I really care about. Understanding and accepting who I am. Living in the present. Rest.

As a trainer and birth worker, I have a lot of knowledge about the birth process and how my body can hinder a baby’s progress so I did it all. Maybe I went overboard…..but I was determined to give my baby as much physical space in the womb as I possibly could. While physical space was my initial intention, my journey to deep health expanded as my womb and baby grew. The release from my tissues led me to an unexpected expansion of my soul. I created space for my baby, saw my daughter for the beautiful toddler that she is, a newfound love for my husband, gratitude for the friends and family in my life and an evolution of myself (Kelsey 2.0!).

More on this evolution in posts to come!

Why is creating space so important?

Creating physical space in your pelvis allows the baby to smoothly navigate your body’s structures during your labor. The baby receives feedback from your nervous system, your muscles and bones as a guide. If the fear-tension-pain cycle is in play, muscles are too tight or inhibited by scar tissue, bones are hardened or out of alignment, the baby has to find a different path. In addition, an epidural may cause the baby to lose direction due to flaccid muscles. Needing to take path of least resistance compared to the optimal route may contribute to a more challenging labor for both of you.

Of course…there’s more to the story!

The body speaks to us about what it needs in the form of discomfort, pain, adrenal fatigue and so many more signals that we often ignore and treat the symptom; not the problem the body is trying alert you to. We need to be available and willing to listen, especially during pregnancy. Bodywork can help you find the source, which is likely in a completely different spot and about a trauma you thought you processed or tried to forget. It’s up to you if you are willing to face what comes up.

My “Oh, Shit!” Realization

Your bones, tissues and muscles hold your deepest power. Don’t hold onto your power for dear life in fear of getting to know who you truly are. Release the body to unleash your power. The empowerment you need to get through anything is in you.

Create space for yourself and you will give your baby the greatest gift; knowing who their mother is on the inside.

Motherhood is a practice of enlightenment and guidance. We serve our children to our fullest ability when we possess self-leadership.

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About Kelsey Budge

Hello, I'm Kelsey Budge, The Movement Doula. I support families that want to change their childbearing journey their second time around, with an emphasis on movement, mindset and recovery. I believe you can fully enjoy this journey when you can focus on what matters most.